2021 Membership & Renewal

The Southport Conservancy
A Non-Profit Group Dedicated to the Historic Village of Southport, Connecticut



Happy New Year from The Southport Conservancy and welcome to our first e-newsletter! We are so grateful to the many of you who have been longtime supporters of The Conservancy.  To those who may be new to us, The Southport Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-advantaged organization dedicated to preserving unique and historical buildings and property of the Southport community that might otherwise be lost forever. As such, The Conservancy has no lobbying privileges and contributions to it are tax deductible. 

The Southport Conservancy was founded in the 1980s as a grassroots, community effort to protect the then Pequot School (now, The Southport School) from commercial development. The Conservancy has evolved into a strong voice and active preservation force in the community.  We work with like-minded community organizations including Sasquanaug Association and Pequot Library and are a founding member of The Southport Nonprofit Roundtable.

We will reach out a few times a year via e-newsletter to keep you informed about issues related to our mission as well as events that we are supporting.

Please visit our website at www.southportconservancy.org for more information or to make a contribution. 

Thank you for your interest in preserving our unique treasure that is The Village of Southport.

Best Regards,

The Southport Conservancy

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