In the early 1980s Southport Village was facing a serious threat of intrusive commercial development. A target of the developers was the Pequot School, built in 1914 on land that has been the home for Southport schools since 1855. In order to raise funds to purchase the school property, concerned citizens of Southport and Fairfield established and incorporated the Southport Conservancy in February, 1982. Since its founding, the Conservancyhas evolved into a substantial preservation force in the community.



2021 Membership & Renewal

The Southport Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-advantaged organization dedicated to preserving and restoring unique and historical buildings and property of the Southport community that might be otherwise lost forever. As such, the Conservancy has no lobbying privileges and contributions to it are tax deductible.


The Southport Conservancy
A Non-Profit Group Dedicated to the Historic Village of Southport, Connecticut

  • Acquired the former Pequot School from the Town of Fairfield, supervised its renovation and leased it to the Eagle Hill School, which thrives today in its role of addressing the special needs of children with learning differences.

  • Published Southport, The Architectural Legacy of a Connecticut Village, by Jan Cigliano and Ralph G. Schwarz, now in its second printing.

  • Leased the Southport Freight Station, built in 1870, from the Connecticut Department of Transportation and the Town of Fairfield, completely restored the building to its original appearance and leased it to a successful business.

  • Publishes The Southport Packet, a quarterly publication consisting of articles of historical interest about Southport-its places, people and events.

  • Contributed funds to purchase the land now known as "The Lower Wharf" at the mouth of Southport Harbor to be used in perpetuity as a public dock and open space.

  • Accepted contributions to purchase Southport Village Park, at the north end of the village (Prospect Lane & Pequot Avenue) to guarantee that Southport Village will forever be bounded on that side by trees, greenery and open space.

  • Partnered with Aspetuck Land Trust to acquire the property directly across the street from Southport Beach, protecting it from development.